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24V 250W front brushless hub motor
Item ID #LBM24250F
List Price: $190.00€190.00£161.50AU$285.00CA$285.00S$285.00
Price: $155.00€155.00£131.75AU$232.50CA$232.50S$232.50
Quantity: Unit(s)

BRAND NEW LEAF BIKE 2016 Version Silver  Lightning Brushless, Geared hub motor !
New ULTRA powerful and efficient Geared motor custom made with higher grade laminations, wider magnet stack, high speed NSK bearings, Honey well hall sensors, more copper fill, and all out higher performance. We went through all the stops to make this motor the absolute best hub motor on the market.
Leaf also offer this wheel professionally laced into our double wall aluminum rims with 12g/14g spokes.  Message us for details. 20", 24", 26", 700c and 28" sizes are available.

Motor type: brushless geared dc motor
Voltage: 24V
Power: 250W
Efficiency: ≥ 78%
RPM: 257
Mechanical brake: Disk - brake
Cable location: shaft end, right
Cable length:160cm / 63"
Install: spacing of 100mm fork
Noise: < 60 db
Surface: silver painted
Net weight: 2.78 kg / 6.12 lbs

Package Content:
1 x 24V 250W front brushless hub motor
Package Size: 22cm L x 22cm W x 22cm H
Package Type: Cardboard Box

Share Video: Wire Diagram:
 700c 250w front brushless hub motor 24v 250w front geared hub motor 250w geared bldc hub motor

250W front brushless geared hub motor  Drw. Performance data
250W-front-geared-hub-motor data-24v-250w-front-geared-hub-motor
Hub Motor