27.5 inch 60V 2000W rear wheel - 650b electric hub motor kit

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    27.5 x 1.5" / 1.75"
    27.5 x 1.95" / 2.1" ~ 2.5"
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This 27.5 inch bike conversion kit combines the full E-bike technology: direct drive Brushless Gearless high torque hub Motor to change almost every bicycle into a personal electric bike. Save energy, protect environment and save money with a lot of fun.

This Brand New 18 - Mosfet electric motor controller with Sine wave, Square wave, No hall, three modes compatible.

What are three modes?
* First mode: Sine Wave Status - Motor without noise,Very quiet ! 
If one of motor hall sensor is broken, controller still can work in Sine Wave Status.

* Second mode: Square Wave Status - Motor with a little noise, < 60db, speed is about 8% faster than Sine Wave Status.
If two of motor hall sensors are broken, controller can work in Square Wave Status.

* Third mode: No Hall Status - Motor with a little noise, < 60db, speed is about 8% faster than Sine Wave Status.
If all of three hall sensors are broken, controller can work in No hall Status.

If your motor's hall sensors are broken, don't need to replace hall sensors. Just use this controller that can recover your motor to work.
If you don't know how to match motor wires to controller. 

Just plug two blues together, controller into learning status and looking for correct working way. After 1-2 seconds, it can find correct working way,then disconnect these two blue wires' plugs. From now on,it always works with this kind of correct way.

Main Features:
>. Rim A: 27.5 inch double wall Alloy (Rim Fit For: 27.5 × 1.5" / 1.75")
>. Spoke: Black 12 gauge / 165mm Length × 36 pcs

>. Rim B: 27.5 inch double wall Alloy (Rim Fit For: 27.5 × 1.95" / 2.1" ~ 2.5" tire)
>. Spoke: Black 12 gauge / 170mm Length × 36 pcs

>. Engine : Bldc hub motor
>>. Voltage: 60V
>>.  Power: 2000W
>>.  Efficiency: 90.5%
>>.  Max speed: 50mph Default 
>>. Mechanical brake: Disk or  V
>>. Freewheel / Cassette: space for single speed..6 speed.. max 7 speed Default: Fit for Screw on Sprocket
>>.  Cable location: shaft end, LEFT
>>.  Cable length:100cm / 40" -- Update “3mm phase wires” & "Newest version hub"
>>.  Install: spacing of Min 135mm to Max 155mm fork
>>.  Noise: < 60 db
>>.  Surface: Black painted

>. Driver: brushless controller
>>. MOSFET: 18 PCS
>>. With LCD: YES
>>. Rated Voltage: DC 60 Volts
>>. Min. Voltage: DC 52.5 V
>>.  Rated power: 2000 Watts
>>.  Casing material: aluminium
>>.  Maximum Current: 40 A ± 1 Amps
>>.  Thermal: aluminum shell and the substrate
>>. 3 phase 120° brushless motor
>>. Operating Conditions: -20~45 °C
>>. Waterproof design
>>. Size: 155 mm L × 72 mm W × 38 mm H

With LCD, More Function:
* Cruise -- Green button Control (While motor is working,press green button one time,it will be "CRUISE" - running as the same speed)
* Reverse -- Yellow button Control ("Left side & mid / forward -- "Right side / backward")
* Kmh / mph
* Speeds ( 0 - 5 ) -- "0" is off. "1" is the slowest. "5" is the fastest.
* ...

Package Content:
1 x 27.5 inch 650B 60V 2000W rear hub motor wheel
1 x 60V 2000W 18-MOSFET motor controller
1 x LCD
1 x Twist throttle -- Cable length: 1500mm
 1 x Brake levers -- Cable length: 1500mm
1 x Three button switches ( control cruise, reverse .. ) -- Cable length: 1500mm
1 x Pedal assist -- Cable length: 1000mm

 Net Weight: 25.6 lbs
Package Size: 64cm L × 64cm W × 25cm H
Package Type: Cardboard Box

Cassette Video:
Wire Diagram:
60V 2000W rear electric hub motor bike conversion kit wire diagram
cassette Drw.
60V 2000W cassette hub motor drawing
Rear Motor Drw.
60V 2000W rear freewheel hub motor drawing
Performance Data:
9 x 7T:
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27.5 inch 48V 1500W electric bike conversion kit - Rear wheel
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27.5 inch 48v 1500w rear electric bike motor kit
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27.5 inch 1500w rear 650b electric bike conversion kit
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