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Item ID #LB101MB
List Price: $1779.00€1779.00£1512.15AU$2668.50CA$2668.50S$2668.50
Price: $1598.00€1598.00£1358.30AU$2397.00CA$2397.00S$2397.00
Quantity: Unit(s)
The LEAF BIKE LCD display is our most inexpensive way to get started with high-end electric bikes. You will notice that even though the price is comparable to many other electric comfort bikes, there is really no comparison. Many companies use cheap steel bikes as the backbone to there electric bike system. This results in a poor, uncomfortable ride and poor reliability. All our bikes are made from the highest quality materials. With Leaf LCD, you are getting the best frame, best motors, and best batteries money can buy!
This bike is ideal for those looking for entry-level power in the electric bike world. This 250W Brushless Geared Motor with PEDELEC system offers a great deal of power and torque for taming hills, as well as anything else you might encounter on your new high-powered ride!
This electric bike includes a BRAND NEW exclusive frame mounted red battery bag. This system gives the rider an excellent center of gravity. So much so, that you can hardly tell that it contains an electric battery. This is the NEWEST and BEST battery bag ever used on an electric bike.
The beauty of this bike is, that no one will be able to tell this is an electric bike! The motor is VERY quiet, and is built into the rear wheel. The great selling point of this motor is that it completely FREEWHEELS! You can ride this bike without the electric system, and there is absolutely NO DRAG, it performs just like a normal bike! You can use as little or as much throttle whenever you want and it is not contingent on your own pedaling.
This awesome looking electric bike will be the envy of all who see it! Keep in mind, this type of power is way beyond the legal definition of an electric bike by European standards. Legal top speed for electric bikes is 15MPH. For this reason, this bike is considered for off-road use only! The lightweight (6.3 lb) motor will run circles around any other motor you put it up against in the speed and torque department. This is a true hybrid electric bike! This is THE best motor you will find on the market, PERIOD. Do the research for yourself. Here we have put together the highest performing and most cost effective bike you can possibly buy. If you have not experienced the thrill of a TRULY high performance electric bike, you are in for the thrill of a lifetime!

Product Features: 26 inch 36V 250W mountain electric bike - Rear drive
1.26 inch Aluminium reinforced frame -- light and strong
2.Color: Red
3.Speed: 15mph with pedaling
4.Travel Range: 20 miles per charge
5.Electric battery pack: 36V 8AH, 3.45kg Lithium battery -- safe and lightest battery ( with 2000 recharge cycles )
6.Driving hub motor: 36V250W brushless geared -- quiet and powerful
7.LCD panel -- Intelligent Control
8.Weight: 26kg only with battery 

Six Months on Battery, Motor, & Bike Parts. Warranty

Package Content:
1 x 26 inch 36V 250 moutain electric bike - LB101MB
1 x 36V 110V~240VAC 50/60Hz 2A charger ( European style or US style plug )
Gross weight: 35Kg (after packing with charger)

Package Size: 140cm L x 40cm W x 80cm H
Package Type: Cardboard Box
Hub Motor