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20 inch 48V 1000W front casted hub motor wheel - electric bike motor
Item ID #LBM20481000FM
List Price: $240.00€240.00£204.00AU$360.00CA$360.00S$360.00
Price: $195.00€195.00£165.75AU$292.50CA$292.50S$292.50
Quantity: Unit(s)
* The bike conversion kit combines the full E-bike technology: direct drive Brushless Gearless high torque hub Motor to change almost every bicycle into a personal electric bike. Save energy, protect environment and save money with a lot of fun.
* Saving 10% of electricity, Improve the efficiency of 8% With The Newest Materials Steel Rotor. 

Main Features:
>. Hub: Aluminum casted ( Fit for: 20 × 2.1/4 or 2.1/2" tire )

>. Engine : Bldc hub motor
>>. Voltage: 48V
>>.  Power: 1000W
>>.  Efficiency: 90.5%
>>.  Max speed: 70.7 kmh -- 43.3mph Default (Optional other speed: 35mph or 25mph,15mph...)
>>.  Mechanical brake: Disk or  V
>>.  Cable location: shaft end , LEFT
>>.  Cable length:160cm / 63"
>>.  Install: spacing of 100mm fork
>>.  Noise: < 60 db
>>.  Surface: Black painted

Package Content:
1 x 20 inch Newest 48V 1000W front casted hub motor wheel

 Net Weight: 8.7 kg   /  19.1 lbs
Package Size: 46cm L x 23cm W x 46cm H  /  18.1"  L x 9.0" W x 18.1" H
Package Type: Cardboard Box 

Share Video: Wire Diagram: bike kit
20 inch 48v 1000w front hub motor kit 20-24-26-27-28-29-inch-700c-front-hub-motor-eletric-bike-conversion-kit

Front spoke hub motor Drw. Performance Data:
20 inch casted front hub motor - electric bike conversion kit 1000w-hub-motor-curve-data

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