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   10/17/2017, By Claude Nobs
They delivered just how i asked and this motor is the standard,if you want speed!
Really nice wheel and Leaf is just the best and the price is right.
Thank you Leafmotor
   10/03/2017, By Scott Hanft
This motor is by far the best hub motor I have tried yet.  It is very quiet, with more power all the way through the powerband as advertized.  It is amazing how fast this makes my bike go!  I also traded my 1.75 mountain bike tires for 1.75 tires that are made specifically for e-bikes and that made a huge difference.  I have better traction, flat resistance and controll.  This is a great company with good customer service and a good source for DIY bike building.
   07/21/2016, By neptronix
I've owned about 10 hub motors over 6 years and this is the best one i've used.

This is the most efficient bicycle sized hub motor on the market as of writing. The combination of very tight windings and thin laminations make it a winner. Don't let the 1500w rating fool you either, this motor can be pushed pretty hard for a 35mm ~205mm tall motor..

A 7 speed cassette will fit if you add 2-3mm spacers on the inside of the bike's dropouts, by the way.

I only have one complaint, and it's a little one. There is a rubber piece that squeaks when the wheel turns. This may be because i've nearly toasted the motor once and melted the rubber. Not a big deal. That's the only negative thing i can think of.

The motor wheel arrived in good shape, just needed a true out of the box and was built well.

Thanks for the great motor, leafbike! i'm still riding with it. I hope one day that you make a 40mm version or a 35mm version with 0.2mm lams.. I'd be the first buyer of that motor also.. :)
   09/14/2015, By Henrik Vesterlund
I ordered a 26" rim+ 1500w motor.

My desired specifications were:
-wider rim to fit 2,5" wide tyre
-tempsensor in motor
-upgraded phasewires
-a wind for 60-70km/h at ~70V

Got the wheel well packaged in good condition. Was happy to see that they had trued the wheel well. Now I have ridden the motor approx 500km on a custom made cargobike. The controlsystem is an adaptoo maxE. Usually ride with a 45km/h speedlimit or a 25km/h speedlimit for cityriding.

The topspeed of my motor at ~70V is 60-65km/h, the noload speed is around 70km/h. Leafbike did a good job and delivered a winding that matched my needs very well.

I am very happy with the motor, it runs quiet, smooth and is very efficient ontop of that.
(I had a non-hub motor on the bike prior to this motor to compare with)
The torque is strong enough for my use, but I would not recommend this motor for a cargobike if you ride extreme hills often. My motor sees between 700W and 1000W for most flat land riding and is ~2500W limited for hills. Doesn't get hot at all. Regular flat land commute is about 40C on windings. Alot of hills and regen braking is 60-70C on windings. If you want a motor for light to medium duty and good efficiency, this is a great alternative.
   07/22/2014, By nitin thakur
Pl quote for 1000 W and 1500 W 48 V DC rear hub DC motor.
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